Autotech Fly Light Stl VR6 12v


Description: AUTOTECH SPORT TUNING. Steel Lightened Flywheel for MK4 VR6 12v . VW's G60, VR6, and Mk4 Chassis flywheels are notoriously heavy and can easily stand to shed a few pounds. Autotech offers the perfect solution: Lightweight Steel Billet Flywheels. The result? A motor that revs to redline much faster! Our CNC machined 228mm lightweight flywheels are beautifully crafted from steel blanks for the utmost in strength and weight savings. Our G60, VR6 & 1.8T flywheels weigh less than 10 pounds! Unlike some competitor's units, Autotech's lightweight flywheels are not 'reconditioned' stock cast flywheels. Autotech's G60 & VR6 flywheel kits are designed to retain the original starter ring gear (just transfer it over) and are supplied with new dowel pins and mounting hardware. The stock clutch in a 1.8T is 220mm diameter and uses a dual-mass flywheel system. Our 228mm flywheel for the 1.8T requires that you upgrade the clutch to a stronger 228mm type. The 1.8T flywheel kit also comes with a new starter ring gear, as the original one cannot be transferred.

Part #: AT10.105.200K


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