Car Cover - Bus 50-79 Deluxe Lock

Description: IAP. NON-POP-TOP. NOT FOR CAMPERS. Unique 4-layer diamond bond pattern allows air and humidity to pass through the cover preventing paint deterioration and trapped air and moisture. Spun-bond polypropylene fabric has naturally water resistant fibers that shed water. In extended rainstorms even the best fabrics will absorb varying amounts of moisture, but the IAP 4-layer cover dries easily and allows air to circulate thru the fibers. Features: Soft and durable backing pampers paint finish and protects from sun, dust, dirt, moisture and pollution. Double stitched elastic hems in front and rear to secure under bumper. Side grommets for tie downs or security cable lock. Includes Cover, Storage Bag, Locking Cable, and Lock.

Part #: I-AC100020


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