Car Cover - NB Convertible

Description: Covercraft. Car Cover. New Beetle Convertible 2013-2018. Grey. Final Sale Item. The NOAH® Block-It® car cover is an excellent all weather car cover choice, especially for those in wetter climates. There's a reason NOAH is one of our most popular car cover materials. NOAH® barrier fabric from Kimberly-Clark uses high-tech bonded 4-layer composite with bi-component sheath-core technology for the twin spunbond outer layers, a film barrier layer and a soft bi-component spunbond inner layer. It's highly water resistant but breathable to help protect the vehicle exterior and interior from the elements. Highly water resistant outdoor car cover 4-layer protection in all weather conditions UV protection and breathable. Fabric is Made in the USA.

Part #: COV-C17618NH


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