Decade 34-Pict-3 Carburetor

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Description: 10 YEAR WARRANTY TO ORIGINAL PURCHASER WITH RECEIPT ! DECADE Products brings to the industry a new line of VW Air cooled Type 1 replacement carburetors. All of our carburetors feature quality components built to last. The most common defect with the early VW Solex Carburetors is a loose throttle shaft because of wear in the carburetor housing which creates problems at idle. At DECADE every unit is machined with a bronze throttle shaft bushing to reduce the wear and overcome problem. Every unit has original OE jetting and are inspected and pre adjusted to aid in easy start up after initial installation. Fine tune adjustments may still be required depending on the motor. DECADE has had several of these various carburetors in the field being used on a daily basis. The feedback has all been positive. We back these units with confidence.

Part #: DEC-34310


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