Fndr Rr/Rh 1973 Only T1

Description: Beetle Rear Right Fender. 1973 ONLY. Italian/Brazilian/Mexican depending on stock availability, all are same quality. Fenders often have scratches or small dings in them from manufacturer. This is to be expected no matter where you purchase your fenders. We highly suggest you purchase fenders in pairs of Right/Left because fenders now are not the exact same shape as originals. These are the best quality fenders available, original German fenders are no longer in production. PLEASE CALL IN YOUR ORDER, THIS ITEM CANNOT BE ADDED TO YOUR SHOPPING CART.

Part #: max02050545


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Price:  $131.66

NOTICE : This item cannot be ordered on our webshop due to it’s weight or size. Please email info@concept1.ca the item # and your complete shipping address so that we may investigate other shipping methods. Alternatively this item can be purchased in person at our retail storefront.