T2 Rebuit Spindles 1963


Description: CONCEPT-1. Bus 1963. Pair. **PRICE INCLUDES $300.00 refundable CORE.** Stock height rebuilt spindles. Link pin kit is recommended and is sold seperately. Bus 68-79 tie rod ends are required. Send your cores back within 30 days for a $300.00 refund. Core refund subject to condition. IMPORTANT CORE RETURN DETAILS: 1. Send a photocopy of your Concept-1 receipt with your core. 2. Cores must be cleaned of oil and dirt. 3. Cores must be in assembled condition, we cannot accept disassembled cores. 4. Cores must arrived back at Concept-1 within 30 days of purchase date. 5. Shipping must be prepaid, please choose a shipping service that will guarantee to deliver your core on time. 6. Email us for a copy of the CORE RETURN FORM, which must be filled out clearly and sent back with your core. 7. If any of the above conditions are not met, your cores will be discarded and no refund will be issued.

Part #: C1T2SPSK-1963


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