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Fan Shroud W/Heat W/Holes

COOLED, a division of GDP, is proud to announce a first for the Air cooled VW market! COOLED.1.1 A properly produced, stamped performance type 1 upright fanshroud that features several improvements over the stock VW unit.

-Smoothed face (no impression for factory oil-bath style air cleaner.
-Less holes in the face.
-Velocity ring to increase airflow to the fan and oil cooler.
-Modified for type 4 oil cooler (2 extra rows of cooling)
-Includes both exit ducts, ready for the type 4 cooler (no extra work!)
-All internal vanes and ducts are an exact duplicate of a factory late model (Mexican) shroud.

Delivered in black primer, ready for your choice of paint or powder coat.

There are 2 versions of this shroud available.

-Cooled 1.1: Type 1 with heater outlets, and thermostat compatibility
-Cooled 1.2: Type 1 without heater outlets and with thermostat compatibility (this is commonly referred to as the THING shroud)

These shrouds are compatible with factory thermostat, a first for an aftermarket shroud. They are also compatible with type 1 or type 4 oil coolers. Most 1776 and larger CC engines should take advantage of the extra cooling the type 4 cooler can provide. In most cases engines up to 2180cc require no additional cooler (No more messy lines and cooler!)

Nothing like this shroud is currently on the market. There are lots of "36hp" style, which are a major disadvantage in cooling, even over a factory unit. There are also Fiberglass kits, which do not have a proper design for proper velocity at the intake side, and are not a true solution for the enthusiast looking for a long-term solution to cooling his properly built motor. There is no factory mounting location for ignition coil, it can be added upon request. Type 4 oil cooler and adapter bolts sold seperately.

Part #: COOLED.1.1

USD 299.00

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